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Types of RVs: Sport Utility Trailer (SUT) or Toy Hauler

Another addition to travel trailers is the Sport Utility Trailer (SUT), also referred to as toy haulers and Sport Utility RV (SURV). These trailers have living quarters in the front and cargo /storage space in the back.

There is a rear ramp door that lowers so you can load your motorcycles, ATVs or other toys that you want to take with you on a camping trip. Sport Utility Trailers offer cooking facilities, dining areas, bathrooms, slide-outs and sleeping arrangements like conventional travel trailers.

There are lots of options available including generators, making the SUT fully self-contained so you can enjoy out of the way places. SUTs come in a variety of sizes to accommodate what the outdoor enthusiasts want to take along. If you purchase a sport utility trailer it is important you know what the fully loaded weight will be, and that you have a truck capable of safely handling the weight.

The popularity of toy haulers lead RV manufacturers to build sport utility RV’s in fifth wheel trailer and motorhome models too, so prices can range anywhere from $25,000 to well over $100,000.

Sport Utility Trailer Pros

1) Available in travel trailer, 5th Wheel and motorized models

2) At campground you have a vehicle to use for transportation

3) More security & protection than a pop-up & hybrid

4) Doubles as a guest house

Sport Utility Trailer Cons

1) Requires a specialized tow vehicle

2) No access to amenities while in route

3) Requires towing & backing skills


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