Hi & welcome to RVing with Mark Polk & friends. For those of you who don’t know me my name is Mark Polk and I am the owner of RV Education 101® and RV Consumer. Many years ago I was concerned about the lack of safety awareness and educational material available to you, the RV consumer.

To help improve on educating RV owners and RV enthusiasts I started RV Education 101. We produce RV training DVDs and publish books and e-books on every RV topic imagineable. I am pleased to say that over the past 17 years we have helped educate millions of RV consumers on how to safely and properly use, maintain and enjoy their RVs.

RV Education 101®  is your premier provider of professional RV how-to instruction training videos, DVD’s, books, e-books and qualified RV information on using and maintaining a Recreation Vehicle for the RVing public and RV dealers. RV Education 101 was founded over a decade ago by Mark Polk, who started in the RV industry as a teenaged apprentice technician.  “You could say I was bit by the RV bug early on” Polk explained.

Mark has a very extensive RV background working in RV service, sales and management. He has a degree in Industrial Management Technology and retired from the Army as a Chief Warrant Officer Three Maintenance Technician. His 30 plus years of experience in maintenance includes working as an RV technician, a wheeled vehicle and power generation mechanic, an automotive maintenance technician, Battalion and Brigade level Maintenance Officer, an RV sales manager and in the RV financing department as the Finance & Insurance manager.

RV Education 101 was quickly labeled as the go to resource for RV owners and enthuiasts.  With hundreds of thousands of training and informational DVDs and books sold, and his many TV appearances as the RV Savvy Guy Mark is recognized and respected in the RV Industry as the authority for everything RV.

Read how it all began Here

The “RVing with Mark Polk & Friends Blog” is intended to provide the RV consumer with qualified information pertaining to using, maintaining and enjoying your RV.

Happy RV Learning!

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  1. We have a 1983 Winnebago Flying W converted to a high school tail gating Dog Wagon (Canton McKinley Bulldogs). Recently discovered two air hoses leading to front shocks and do not know what air pressure should be. Drive train is a Chevy with 454 V8. Dual rear tires. Can you advise us on the correct PSI for front shocks? Thanks. Email is nickmussulin@getvmt.com and any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Nick

    • Hi Nick, Is it air shocks or air bags. Air bags used to be popular to help soften the ride in RVs. The amount of air pressure really depends on weight and size of the RV. Lots of times there is a tag with the recommended air pressure, but for air bags it is usuallt 60 to 90 psi. If it is air shocks and not bags I am not sure on the correct psi.

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