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Types of RVs: Hybrid Trailer

Another version of the travel trailer is a Hybrid Travel Trailer. The concept is a small, light-weight travel trailer with pull-out or drop-down bed ends, similar to a pop-up.

These hard-sided trailers can be easily towed with today’s smaller SUVs, and the expandable ends provide much more space inside when they are set-up. There is no rasing or lowering the roof. Hybrid travel trailers are equipped with many of the same amenities found in conventional travel trailers.

Hybrid trailers can sleep up to six people and prices range from $15,000 to over $ 20,000.

Hybrid Travel Trailer Pros

1) Lightweight and easy to tow

2) You still have a vehicle to use for transportation

3) More protection from the elements than a pop-up

4) Doubles as a guest house

Hybrid Travel Trailer Cons

1) Hitching & unhitching

2) No access to amenities while in route

3) Requires towing & backing skills


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