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RV 101 – 5 Minute Fix to a Warmer RV

When you use your RV for cold weather camping it’s nice to have a warm place to retreat back to after enjoying some outdoor activities.  What would you say if I told you it’s possible to prepare your RV to be warm and cozy for cold weather camping in just 5 minutes?

Let’s give it a go!


Minute #1

The first thing we want to do is test the RV furnace.  Make sure the LP gas supply is turned on and fire up the furnace. The fan should come on and within a minute or so you should feel heat coming from the heat ducts in the RV.

lp-cylindersMinute #2

Check  the propane level in your LP cylinders or tank and check the condition of your auxiliary battery(s). The furnace consumes more LP gas than other appliances and requires a fully charged battery if you are not plugged into an electrical source.  Checking the propane level is self-explanatory and you can check the battery condition using the RV’s monitor panel or with a multi-meter.

truck-camper-lance-int-2Minute #3

Pack warm clothes, extra blankets and  don’t forget the electric blanket!  Sweatshirts, sweatpants and a good pair of winter socks makes resting and relaxing inside the RV much more enjoyable when it’s cold outside. For your personal protection in cold outdoor temperatures dress in layers and make sure you have the proper clothing and footwear to stay warm and protected when outdoors.

Minute #4

Pack a couple portable electric heaters. Supplementing the heat with thermostatically controlled ceramic heaters does wonders. These heaters work extremely well and you don’t need to be concerned about  fire or carbon monoxide.

overhead-fanresizedMinute #5

Keep the heat in the RV. Make sure all windows and vents are closed and close the curtains or shades to help keep the heat in. Remember heat rises, use some foam cushioning or aftermarket accessories to seal the area around roof vents.

Okay, it might take a little more than 5 minutes to prepare your RV for cold weather camping, but it’s worth it when the end result is a nice warm RV on a cold winter day. There are other concerns with cold weather camping in your RV, like protecting the plumbing system from freezing, but when it come to staying warm this 5 minute fix will do the trick during those cold weather camping trips.

Happy Cold Weather Camping,

Mark Polk

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