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RV 101 – RV Sewer Hose Tips & Tricks

Let me ask you a question, when you arrive at your camping destination whose job is it to connect the sewer hose, empty the holding tanks and disconnect and store the sewer hose when it’s time to leave. Well if you are the chosen one like me here are a few tips and tricks to help make the job easier.

smooth-and-threaded-pipeIt never fails, one day you are going to camp at a destination and discover you don’t have the right adapter for the campground sewer or dump station drain outlet. The reason for this is not only do sewer drain outlets come in different sizes, but some are smooth pipe connections while others are threaded pipe.

universal-rv-sewer-adapterYou want to take along universal sewer hose connectors and adapters like this one from Valterra Products that help make the job of connecting the sewer hose easier. With this connector it doesn’t matter if the connection is 3 or 4 inch pipe or if the pipe is smooth or threaded. This EZ Coupler universal adapter will fit them all.

sewer-hose-drip-capsWhen it’s time to leave and you empty and flush the RV holding tanks you need to store the sewer hose until the next time you need it. You don’t want all these long messy hoses taking up space and leaking all over everything. Something I never leave home without are a couple drip caps like these.

sewer-hose-compressedThey fit all standard 3” bayonet fittings and if you compress the hose and put a cap on both ends it saves space and keeps storage compartments clean.

So for all you lucky guys and gals who have the chore of RV sewer hose duty these simple RV sewer hose accessories help make your life much easier.

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