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RV 101 Guide for Beginners Essential Items for every RV Trip

Nearly 20 years ago I developed what I refer to as my RV essential items and my nice to have items, for RV camping trips. Today I want to discuss my top 5 RV essential items you need to have on every RV camping trip. Both of these RV checklists, and many others are in my best-selling Checklists for RVers E-book

To help protect the RV’s electrical system, number one on my list is to use some type of RV surge protector. I use a product called Surge Guard, that is designed to protect the entire RV’s electrical system and all of your sophisticated appliances and electronic equipment. You never know what kind of electrical service you might encounter during your RV travels. The day will come when the power supply will surge, sag or spike, especially at the campground. Surge Guard offers products that will protect your RV from high and low voltage, open neutral, improperly wired power pedestals and electrical surges. Surge Guard models are available for both 30 amp and 50-amp RV electrical systems.

Another common problem after arriving at the campground is discovering you don’t have the correct adapter for the campground sewer or dump station drain outlet. To solve this problem, I keep a universal RV sewer adapter on-hand. It is designed to work in almost any situation you encounter, including different size smooth pipe and threaded pipe drain outlets. It’s also a good idea to keep some extra lengths of RV sewer hose in the RV . You never know how far you will be parked away from the campground sewer drain.

The next item on my list of RV essential items is an RV drinking water hose long enough to get you out of any jam. I keep a 4-foot, 10-foot and 25-foot RV drinking water hose in the RV at all times. I also keep a black or green colored hose in the RV for maintenance purposes like flushing the RV holding tanks, or washing the RV.

I recommend using a water pressure regulator when you connect the RV to the campground water supply. You never know what the water pressure will be at a campground. RV water pressure regulators help protect your RV plumbing system from high water pressure that is common at many campgrounds, especially when there are not lots of RVs there. Always connect the regulator at the water source, before it goes in the hose.

Last but certainly not least, I recommend some type of RV water filtration system. There are several types of filters available, designed for use in RVs. You can install an under the counter RV water filter directly to a faucet  just for drinking water, or you can use a filtration system designed to filter all of the water going into the RV.

There are many more RV essential items, but these are my top 5 items to never leave on a camping trip without. For more information on what other RV essential items to have on hand check out our RV Essential Items course at RV Online Training

Happy Camping,

Mark J. Polk

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