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Weak Stationary Campground Cell Signal? Fix it with weBoost Connect RV 65

About a year ago we purchased a permanent RV lot at the beach and put a fifth wheel trailer on the lot  so we could do some destination type camping. When we started using the camper for a few short weekend trips I noticed our cellular signal and internet connection was spotty at the campsite. We plan to use the camper more often after we get it set up the way we want and a poor cellular signal could be problematic, especially if we stay there during the work week.

Not long ago Wilson Electronics sent us a weBoost 4G-X-RV cellular signal booster to install in our motorhome and test the product. We travel and work a great deal in our RV and a good cell signal is important to conduct business while on the road. We had excellent results with the 4G-X-RV model, so I checked to see what products weBoost offered for stationary RV applications. I wanted something that could extend the cell signal range at our campsite and provide a signal we could really rely on, and I wanted quick data download speeds. Wilson Electronics recommended the weBoost Connect RV 65 cell signal booster. The Connect RV 65 model is designed specifically for stationary RV use and it meets all of our requirements, so I was excited to try it.

The way these signal boosters work is; an outside antenna accesses voice and data signals from a cell tower and delivers those signals to a booster. The booster amplifies the signals up to 32 times and sends it to the inside antenna. The inside antenna broadcasts the amplified signal to all the devices inside the RV.

The next time we went to the campsite I took the Connect RV 65 along to install and test the product.

The first step was to determine the direction of the strongest cell signal so I would know where to locate the outside antenna to access voice and data signals. To do this I installed an app called WI–FI Sweetspots®. With the app I was able to check the signal strength in various locations around the RV. The strongest signal was at the rear of the RV, so that is where the outside antenna will be located.

The first step was to mount the outside antenna to the telescoping pole. After I installed the mounting brackets I secured the outside antenna to the ‘L’ bracket using the provided Phillips screws.

Now we can secure the pole to the side of the RV. You want to position the pole close to a slide-out or in the case of a toy hauler close to the ramp door if possible, so you can route the antenna coax cable inside the RV. I can route the coax cable from the outside antenna through the screen room to get it inside the RV. Note: Follow the instructions in the owners manual for routing the coax cable.

Extend the telescoping pole and use a level to make sure it is straight. Use the provided wall mount plates and ground mount to secure the pole To the RV.

Clean the area on the RV where the wall plates will be mounted. There must be at least 4-feet of separation between the top and bottom wall plates for the best performance.

Remove the adhesive backer from the wall mount, and with the pole level firmly attach the top wall mount to the surface of the RV.

Repeat this on the bottom wall mount and secure the telescoping pole to the RV. Install stakes in the ground mount to help secure the pole.

With the pole secured to the side of the RV connect the coax cable to the outside antenna and route it inside where you want the booster located.

Connect the cable from the outside antenna to the port on the booster labeled ‘outside antenna’. Note: locate the booster in an area close to a 120-volt power source.

Mount the inside antenna using the included 3M command strips and connect the coax cable to the inside antenna and to the booster port labeled ‘inside antenna’. For best performance make sure there is adequate distance from the outside antenna.

Plug the power supply into the booster and into a 120-volt power source. Note: you can rotate the outside antenna and use the Open Signal App to point the antenna toward the nearest cell phone tower.

As soon as I plugged the booster in I had all green lights which signifies the band is set up optimally. If you get red or orange lights, or if the lights are blinking follow the instructions in the owner’s manual.

Prior to installing the Connect RV 65 I had two bars on my phone, and the cell and data signals were spotty to say the least. After installing the Connect RV 65 I immediately had 4 bars and my cell and data signals  worked great.

What I really like about both weBoost products we installed and tested is there are no monthly fees involved and they don’t need to be connected to an internet source to work. It’s great to know I can work from our RV at the beach as easily as I can at home.

Watch our video on how to boost your cell signal while traveling.

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Happy Camping,

Mark Polk

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