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Types of RVs: Type A Motorhome

Type A Motorhomes are the largest and most luxurious of motorhomes, ranging in size from 25 to 45 feet. They are the type you see that look similar to a bus, and depending on the price can be equipped with features like a washer and dryer, back-up camera, hydraulic leveling jacks, multiple slide-out rooms, satellite dish, home entertainment system and much more.

Type A motorhomes are built on a specially designed vehicle chassis and are powered by either a gasoline or diesel engine. Many people think it would be difficult to drive a Type A motorhome, but with power steering, automatic transmissions and great visibility any experienced driver can quickly adapt. No special driver’s license was required at the time this article was written.

You have access to all of the amenities while you are traveling, including the bathroom. Type A motorhomes are fully self-contained with an onboard generator. Type A motorhomes, like other RVs, are available in entry level, mid-line and high-end models.

Depending on the model a type A motorhome can sleep from two to six people, and prices range from $70,000 to $500,000. Some high end luxury bus conversions can cost more than $1,000,000. If you want economical transportation when you arrive at your destination you can tow a small vehicle behind the motorhome.

Type A Mootrhome Pros:

1) Extremely spacious

2) Access to amenities while traveling

3) More storage than other types of RV’s

4) Fully self-contained

Type A Motorhome Cons

1) Added expense of towing a vehicle

2) More expensive than many other RV’s

3) Requires more maintenance & upkeep


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