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Is your RV Sewer Hose Long Enough?

sewer-hose-longHave you ever arrived at your camping destination only to realize the RV sewer hose wasn’t long enough to reach the sewer drain outlet? I think this happens to most of us eventually. To help solve the problem I recommend keeping some RV sewer extension hoses on hand in the RV.

There are several different types and sizes of extension hoses available.


For starters lots of RVs have offset drain outlets inside the sewer compartment making it difficult to connect to the RV drain outlet itself. There are 2-foot extension hoses, referred to as compartment hoses to help solve this problem. Some of these extension hoses have built-in rotating fittings making it easy to connect to those tight compartment fittings.

The day will surely arrive when you need additional length hose to reach the campground drain outlet.  There are 5 and 10-foot extension hoses available to add length to your sewer hose. Connecting two hoses together is easy with the standard bayonet fittings.

Keep in mind you get what you pay for; like everything else some RV sewer hoses are better than others. The vinyl wrap the hose is made of comes in different thicknesses, and heavier vinyl hoses are less prone to pin holes and wear. Some RV sewer hoses are made with better connectors for a secure leak- free connection at the campground.

You will be glad you have extension hoses on hand when you need them.  I personally keep a 2-foot, 5-foot and 10-foot extension hose in the RV, in addition to a 20-foot drain hose. Research the various brands of extension hoses available and purchase a couple different size hoses just in case. If your RV travels take you to different campgrounds I can almost guarantee you will need extension hoses someday. Watch the video



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