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Portable Refrigerator/Freezer for Camping, Backyard BBQs & Sporting Events


When I was a teenager and went tent camping in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania we packed coolers with ice to keep our food cold and frozen. I remember making runs to the local country store every couple days to pick up more bags of ice for the coolers.

Those days are long gone. Now when we go camping, tailgating, to a sporting event or on RV trips we take a portable refrigerator/freezer by Dometic. They come in a variety of sizes (from 28 to 95 liters) and with numerous options to meet your specific needs. If you are on-the-go and need to keep drinks or food cold or frozen these portable refrigerator/freezers by Dometic are essential equipment.

imageWe started with a smaller portable unit and when our needs changed we checked out the new CFX-95DZUS Dual-Zone Portable Refrigerator & Freezer. It is loaded with features and options, but the most unique feature is the separate compartments so you can refrigerate and freeze at the same time. One compartment is 54 liters and the other compartment is 40.5 liters for a total storage capacity of 94.5 liters. The dual-zone feature is available in the CFX-65DZUS and CFX-95DZUS models. On the CFX-95DZUS model you can set either compartment anywhere from -8 degrees F to +50 degrees F so you can make either  the 54 Liter side or the 40.5 liter side freeze or refrigerate (or both sides freeze or both sides refrigerate).

image It comes with removable wire baskets for easy loading & cleaning. The CFX-95DZUS holds 117 12-oz. cans so keeping your kids entire sports team hydrated, or keeping beverages cold for an outdoor party is easy. It also features a dairy compartment for perishables.

The tough and tested exterior is made to endure the harshest outdoor environments. It has durable latches, hinges, and drop-down handles designed to stand the test of time. It operates on 12-volt and 24-volt DC power or 120-volt AC power. Just plug it in and the powerful but energy efficient compressor starts cooling immediately. There is a USB port to charge a mobile device, and it has a built-in battery protection feature that can be set to Hi, Med, or Low when you are using 12VDC. This feature prevents the vehicle battery from draining if the 12-volt outlet stays powered when the vehicle is not running.

imageThe features don’t stop there. When it is turned on you will notice a digital temperature display and a soft-touch control panel. The temperature an be set from -8°F to +50°F (-22°C to +10°C). The memory feature maintains presets if the system is turned off and there is a quick-chill turbo feature too.

imageThe CFX-95DZUS model also has an iOS & Android app to control the portable cooler functions with your smartphone. I mentioned earlier that these portable refrigerator freezers are great for RV trips, back yard BBQs, sporting events, camping and tailgating. If you are active and on-the-go and need to keep food and drinks cold or frozen check out these versatile portable refrigerator/freezers by Dometic

Happy Camping,
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