Posted by: Mark Polk | 9:17 am

RV Tire Quick Tip

air compressor picToday I want to talk briefly about RV tires. I cannot tell you how many times I hear tires get blamed for a tire blow-out. The truth is if you dig a little deeper the tire itself is usually not the cause for a blow-out.
The load a tire can safely carry is based on several factors like the tire’s size, the load rating, and the inflation pressure. If you overload a tire, or don’t inflate it properly for the load it can result in tire failure. Understanding RV tires can be confusing. To help simplify it just remember it is the air pressure in the tire that supports the load placed on the tire. 
weight scalesAs an RV owner it is your job to make sure the tires are properly inflated for the load. The first step is to determine the actual load that is on the tires. The only way to do that is to have the fully loaded RV weighed, preferably by individual wheel position. If you discover a tire is overloaded you need to lighten or redistribute the load. After you know the actual loads you can go to the tire manufacturer’s load and inflation tables to see what the correct inflation pressure for the load is. This inflation pressure might be different from the information on the certification label and that is okay, but keep in mind you should never exceed the maximum inflation pressure that is on the tires sidewall.


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