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RV Education 101 Develops new App for Apple RV Training Product Video Downloads

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In today’s age of technology consumers want instant access to the products they purchase. The new RV Education 101 App gives consumers what they want in both Apple and Android operating systems.

RV Education 101, an RV training video and information company, envisioned the future of video content delivery nearly a decade ago, and continued working diligently to perfect it.

Owner Mark Polk said, “In February 2007 we launched our first instant RV video download program, but technology was limited at the time. Tablets and smart phones are forecast to be the majority platform for video by 2016 and we wanted to offer our customers a bulletproof method for instant video content delivery. Our goal was to perfect this technology, for both download and streamed video, so our customers could view the content with or without an internet connection. It took us over eight years of working with downloads to find a solution. Our new RV Education 101 video App perfected the instant video download process.”

The biggest technological feat RV Education 101 faced was developing a system that worked 100% of the time for portable devices using Apple and Android operating systems. Dawn Polk, co-owner explained, “Every time we got our current download process to work on one device a new product came out that it didn’t work on.” That problem was solved when RV Education 101 developed the new video App. Apps are faster, more convenient and provide additional functionality, like the capability to download videos directly to a device for offline viewing. The new App is appropriately titled “RV Education 101” and is available through both Apple and Android App Stores. The IOS App works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. When you open the App’s main menu it lists all of the full-feature RV training titles currently available, and the consumer has the option to purchase individual chapters, or the entire video. Dawn Polk added, “And because it is an instant download with limited overhead we are able to pass the savings onto the customer.”

To go to the App go here:

RV Education 101 is currently updating more RV training videos to add to the App. RV owners and consumers can select video titles that pertain to their specific type of RV and instantly download the videos to their device. After the download is completed there is no requirement for Internet access to view the videos.

RV Education 101 will continue to offer physical DVD sales via several Internet sites, Amazon and at physical Camping World Super Center Stores. However, Dawn Polk added, “Instant video downloads through the App Stores eliminate waiting for the product to arrive, shipping charges, and are priced lower because there is less overhead.”

RV Education 101 also offers a free monthly RV newsletter at and hundreds of free RV video tips on their

YouTube channel


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