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Tents for Troops T4T Camping Program


Conger family enjoying T4T Photo courtesy T4T

Conger family enjoying T4T Photo courtesy T4T

As a small token of appreciation for what our active duty men and women do for their country an organization called Tents for Troops (T4T),  founded by Charlie Curry,  is attempting to help provide some well deserved camping R&R for our soldiers.  The type of camping T4Ts is helping provide is far from those miserable conditions soldiers endure when deployed and living in field conditions, trust me been there done that got the tee-shirt.

The Tents for Troops web site locates RV parks and campgrounds across America that are willing to offer free camping for active duty military personnel. The way it works is an RV park or campground owner commits  to a minimum of two RV/campsites for two nights, “Two sites, Two nights” (owners have the option of providing more than two sites)  Active duty military personnel wishing to stay at the park or campground can then call and make reservations for a site at no charge. There are tent and RV sites available.

The Tents for Troops web site offers a map of the US depicting participating RV park and campground locations and the guidelines troops need to follow to use this free camping service. The site also provides information on how RV parks and campgrounds can join the program and help show their support for our active duty US military personnel.

If you know an RV park or campground owner that might be interested in participating in this program pass the information along or visit the tents for troops web site.

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