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Why Consider an RV Extended Service Plan?

RV refrigerator maintenance

RV refrigerator maintenance

I get asked lots of questions regarding how RV appliances can be affected or are sensitive to infrequent use, excessive vibration and in some cases neglect or improper operation.

Most RV appliances operate differently than the appliances we are accustomed too in our homes. For example the water heater in our home works automatically, with no operational steps required, and very little maintenance. When you want hot water you open a tap and there it is. On the other hand the water heater in our RV requires certain procedures to operate and use it. The LP gas supply needs to be turned on, or it must be switched to the electric mode (if equipped) to use in the 120 volt AC mode. The tank must be full of water prior to lighting it, and depending on the type of water heater it is you may need to go outside to physically light the burner. If you forget to drain the water for winter storage the water can freeze, expand and break the tank.

That can be a lot to remember, and unfortunately if you forget one of the required steps to properly operate the appliance it can lead to component failure and expensive repair and replacement costs.

This is true for other RV appliances as well. If you don’t operate the RV air conditioner properly you can damage the compressor or other expensive components. If you don’t have the proper amount of AC voltage coming into the RV appliances can be damaged.

Another common problem is excessive vibration. Most appliances aren’t designed to take the abuse many of the country’s poorly maintained highways and roads subject the appliance to.  Fittings and screws come loose, sensitive electronics and circuit boards get damaged, and in many cases continued exposure to vibration results in total failure of an appliance.

The problem is there is no fix for damage caused to RV appliances because of infrequent use and excessive vibration. I recently read that the Good Sam Extended Service Program will hit a record $10 million in refrigerator repair payments this coming month.  Ten million dollars in refrigerator repair payments, can you believe that?

This is why I always recommend that RV owners purchase an RV Extended Service Plan. After the factory warranty period expires replacing an RV appliance can get very expensive. And RV appliance problems associated to infrequent use and constant vibration will normally occur after the factory warranties have expired.

The key to RV Extended Service Programs is to purchase a good reputable plan, one that will be there when you need it, when you are traveling on the road away from home. I use the Good Sam extended service plan. The plan offers all of the features and benefits that are important to RV owners. Take some time to review some extended service plans and purchase one that meets your needs, then you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing you are protected from unexpected expenses.

Happy Camping,

Mark Polk

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