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The 5th Wheel Automated Safety Hitch System

The Automated Safety Hitch

What do you get when you take a Federal Aviation Agency certified Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic who was an Air Force Pilot, a Federal Aviation Agency certified Air Transport Pilot and an Inventor and Industrialist and you give him a 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer?

You get the Automated Safety Hitch! If you never heard of the Automated Safety Hitch before it is the brainchild of Joe Jamieson. Joe had major concerns about the over-all weight of 5th wheel trailers, the amount of pin weight being placed on the truck’s axle and  how difficult it was to stop a heavy 5th wheel trailer going down the road at highway speeds.

So, he decided to do something about it. All I can say is everything about the Automated safety Hitch makes sense. Joe’s invention takes the trouble, inconvenience and hazards of hitching up, driving with, and unhitching traditional gooseneck and 5th wheel trailers a thing of the past. According to Eberstein & Witherite car and truck accident lawyers this safety hitch could decrease your chances of accidents, and thus of needing them!

 When I asked Joe to highlight some of the Automated Safety Hith System features he explained,
 “The Automated Safety Hitch™System becomes an integral part of the gooseneck trailer or 5th wheel trailer without adding length to the trailer. It is very important for owners to understand that once our assembly attaches itself to the tow vehicle, it literally becomes a part of the vehicle and an extension of the vehicle’s wheelbase. The beauty of this design is that it extends the length of the wheelbase of your vehicle when towing the trailer, which provides greater stability and allows you to leave the extra wheelbase when detached and parked.The Automated Safety Hitch™ System has the handling effect of shortening the length of the trailer by pulling the trailer to the outside of the turn. (For most installations this has the effect of shortening the trailer approximately 25 to 30 feet when turning.) Its steerable axle prevents tire scuffing and enables effortless turns by automatically sensing the turning rates and forces generated by the driver’s steering and automatically steers the Automated Safety Hitch System’s wheels proportionately in the proper direction. The axle permits steering at slower, sharper turns and automatically locks straight when traveling down highways and byways. With our Automated Safety Hitch System design, your trailer is supported by a full size, steerable truck axle.”
I immediately saw the benefits this hitch system had for new and current 5th wheel trailer and gooseneck trailer owners, but I could see an even bigger picture. What if an RV manufacturer designed a 5th wheel trailer specifically around the Automated Safety Hitch System. Just imagine all the features and benefits a 5th wheel trailer like that would have to offer.
I asked Joe that same question and here’s what he had to say: 
“There would be major advantages to designing a 5th wheel trailer to take advantage of The Automated Safety Hitch System’s attributes. Here are a a few features and benefits it could offer just off the top of my head.”

1) Better fuel economy when being towed

 Approximately 3 feet less of overall height while yielding as much headroom over the gooseneck or more.

2) Aerodynamic advantages increase fuel economy

Less Induced drag

Less Upper Laminar and turbulent drag

Less Parasite drag

Less Lower turbulent drag

3) Better controllability increasing safety

Lower center of gravity

Lower profile to be affected by cross winds

4) Structural advantages increasing durability

Shorter vertical wall

Stronger structure

Longer gooseneck without increasing legal length of trailer

 5) Less manufacturing cost enabling manufacturers to build a higher quality 5th Wheel at present pricing

 Straight roof line

Less cost in steel

Less exterior material cost

Less interior material cost

6) Better durability yielding lower maintenance cost for owners

Less lateral torqueing

Shorter height

Dual lateral suspension

7) Better human access

Lower to ground trailer = fewer steps to enter

Shorter vertical wall = fewer steps to gooseneck  or simple ramp

Easy wheelchair access

8) More versatility for floor plans  with fewer steps up to gooseneck (or short ramp)

Longer gooseneck with better structural support.

Near level floor

9) Safer for the customer

Likely, 50% increased braking capacity

Likely, 75% increased braking effectiveness

Better controllability  due to longer wheel base of tow vehicle

Better controllability due to level trailer and lower center of gravity

Better maneuverability due to trailer not being forced to the inside of the turn + trailer will be pulled to the outside of the turn.

That’s what you get when you take Joe and give him a 5th wheel trailer! All I know is if I was a 5th wheel RV manufacturer I would be talking to Joe before the other manufacturers  found out about him and his Automated Safety Hitch System.

To learn more about the Automated Safety Hitch System take a minute to visit Joe’s website

 Happy RV Learning,

Mark Polk

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