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How did RVing Start in America?

Photo courtesy of Tin Can Tourists  with permission

How did RVing get started in America?

I personally think it can be attributed to when the American automobile industry embraced assembly line production.  By the end of 1913 the time to assemble a Model T chassis was cut from 12.5 hours to only 2.7 hours. By 1916 the price dropped to $360 making the Model T affordable to the average working middle class family.

Autocamping quickly spread across America. People could travel with cooking and camping equipment in their vehicle and avoid riding on trains and staying in overcrowded hotels. This was the great appeal of autocamping which lead to the craze that we know of as RVing today.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I think RVing has been ingrained within us since the dawn of the invention of the wheel. Wagon trains and gypsy wagons were used as a primary mode of transportation, but what were those people seeking? A better life? Adventure? Those are the same things we search for when we embark on an RV trip.

    Our hunter gatherer heritage urges us to roam, despite the fact that our food supply is adequate. That instinct is what gets us on the road and wishing for the road all winter long.


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