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  1. Hello RV 101,

    Thanks for the fore-warnings….about the obstacles of RV-ing.

    I am looking for a solution about the “Center of Gravity” notation(s) on
    both the truck bed and the truck camper unit – so that the units can be
    lined-up with proper placed markers and easy to see for all involved. this
    may help probably with unsure weight issues as well???

    Happy trail blazing… trying to max-out the CrewMax.


  2. Hi Mark like to thank you for all the help threw your mag. I have a small problem about batteries I have 2 6volt batt. now that are not holding a charge . Would like to know should stay with the golf cart batt.. or go to the 2 12 volt. Have been told by some folks to go to 12volt because no maintenance no worry. Like to know your take on this . Thanks Michael Ross

    • The 6-volt deep cycle batteries are better in my opinion. Any 12-volt batteries you get will require the same maintenance as the 6-volt batteries do unless you spend much more and go with AGM or lithium batteries

  3. Hi Mark,

    We need to purchase new 5th wheel tires because on our last trip we had three tires blow out and was reading your article for advise. I just have one questions. What is the life time expectancy for the ST tires as well as LT tires. Should you be tracking the mileage you have on your tires? We had the same thing happen like 4 years prior.

    • Hi Missie,

      There are lots of factors involved with the life expectancy of RV tires. Mileage is not as important as how much weight is on each individual tire, the inflation pressure in the tires, the age of the tires and how long they are exposed to the elements, especially the sun. RV tires will normally need to be replaced for one of the above reasons long before the mileage on the tires.

      One of the biggest problems is tires need to be inflated based on the load placed on the tire, but the only way to know the load is to weigh the RV by individual tire position. It is hard to find a scale that can weigh by individual tire position. If you attend any RV rallies sometimes they offer weighing the RV in this manner. Once you know actual loads you can determine if the tire is rated for the load and you can go to the tire manufacturer load and inflation tables to find the correct tire inflation for the load.

      If it’s not possible to do this the next best thing is to inflate the tires according to the tire label affixed to the RV. The only problem with this is you don’t know if a tire is overloaded which leads to tire failure.

      I hope this helps

  4. Hi Mark, We have a 2006 Toyota Highlander with a tow package that allows for a 3500 pound towing capacity. We saw an RV with a gross weight of 4100 pounds. Do you know of anything we can do to the highlander to accommodate that weight?

    • No, there is nothing you can do to tow more weight than the vehicle is rated to tow. It can be extremely dangerous to attempt to tow more than the vehicle is rated for. I recommend you look for a much lighter trailer or upgrade the tow vehicle.

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